U2's Adam Clayton Talks About New CD, Joshua Tree 30th

January 27, 2017

Kateleigh | Dreamstime.com

Although U2's 1987 blockbuster album "The Joshua Tree" was preceded by 4 other excellent albums, it was that stellar album that catapulted the Irish quartet into the stratosphere of popularity, and that is where they have stayed ever since... U2 will be traveling the world this year performing all of "The Joshua Tree" on stage, and U2's bass player, ADAM CLAYTON is looking forward to re-visiting & performing the album, and he's sure that he will enjoy doing so. This is something of a 'turnabout' for him, as his memory of performing songs from the album on the original tour in support of "The Joshua Tree" was less than fulfilling: Adam Clayton says, "Certainly looking back on playing the tour at that time, it should have been an extraordinarily, freeing, joyful opportunity."  "But it was actually quite a tough time trying to deliver those songs under the pressure of growing from an arena act to a stadium act. I, for one, don't remember enjoying it very much." Additionally, it's expected that the follow-up to 2014's 'Songs of Hope' album, 'Songs of Experience,' will have been released by the time of the tour's start on May 12th, and there will be performances of those new  songs as well.

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