U2 Set 3 More Catalog Albums For Vinyl Release

'Achtung Baby,' 'Zooropa,' & 'Best Of 1980-1990' Collection due late-July

June 19, 2018

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Irish Rock Powerhouse U2 has announced the upcoming release of 3 more of their catalog albums to join their already impressive vinyl reissue campaign. The release date of July 27th will see each of the band's early 1990's studio albums (their first 2 of that decade) re-released for the first time on double, 180-gram vinyl LP's, complete with original artwork and a download card. Their first studio album of the 1990's, 'Achtung Baby,' served to present a 're-invented' sound for U2, with the inclusion of electronic and industrial music textures, and a lyrical shift from political to personal issues. The follow-up, 1993's 'Zooropa' continued on the musical path established on 'Achtung,' which differed and stood out from the more dominant musical genres of the time, namely Grunge and Alternative. The 3rd re-release is U2's first 'hits' collection, 'The Best Of 1980-1990,' which compiled some of the band's most memorable music pre-'Achtung Baby.' Additionally, remixes of the songs, 'Lemon' and 'Numb' are included on the 'Zooropa' set, and 'One Tree Hill' from 'The Joshua Tree' wish was previously omitted from the CD and digital versions of 'Best Of.' U2 fans can pre-order the new vinyl reissues in advance hereRock On, U2!