TOM PETTY's Heartbreakers Mull Release of 'Wildflowers' Box & 'Live' Shows

Guitarist Mike Campbell talks abut (possible) future releases

September 11, 2018

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The 1 year (sad) anniversary of TOM PETTY's death is approaching as is the release date (September 28th) of the 'American Treasure' box set...and while nothing is definite, it's been reported that the remaining members of The Heartbreakers are considering the release of a number of recordings that will keep alive and enhance the legacy of one of Rock's greatest performers and band. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Heartbreaker's guitarist MIKE CAMPBELL said that they would really like to release a set of the band's historic and critically acclaimed 20-night stand at the San Francisco Fillmore. Referencing those performances, Cambell said, “For me, that was almost the pinnacle of the band just being totally spontaneous night to night to night.'" 'Spontaneous' meaning that the band's set lists differed significantly night to night, sometimes with The Heartbreakers performing songs that they had just learned, such as the Grateful Dead's 'Friend of the Devil.' All 20 of those Fillmore shows sold out, and 7 of the dozens and dozens of songs eventually landed on the 'Live Anthology' collection in 2009. Of those concerts, Cambell added, "We recorded every show and we had guest artists from Bo Diddley to Roger McGuinn to John Lee Hooker. And I know, in my memory of those 20 nights, there’s an amazing album in there.”  Campbell also revealed the existence of many 'live' shows that are in 'the vault,' but is currently unsure of what the future might hold for them. In what is certain to be of major interest to fans of Tom Petty, is a release of a box set of Petty's critically acclaimed (1994) 2nd solo album, 'Wildflowers.' The 'Wildflowers' album, of which the re-release Petty spoke of frequently before his death, was originally conceived as a double-disc release, but was 'pared' down to 15 songs when it was determined that it be a single disc. According to Tom Petty in one of his final interviews, 4 of the 'outtakes' ended up on The Heartbreaker's soundtrack album for 'She's The One,' but he was never happy with the final mixes because they were in his words, 'hastily done.' Here's hoping that we see these releases soon! Rock On, Heartbreakers!