There's a New BAD COMPANY 'Live' Album You May NOT Know About...

'Live at Red Rocks' available for sale at ONLY ONE retailer...

September 25, 2017

Radomír Režný | Dreamstime

So, back in May of 2016, BAD COMPANY had a concert date in Colorado at the famous and beautiful, Red Rocks Amphitheater...and now there is a 'Secret' 'live' album of that performance, and it's for sale ONLY at...Walmart. 'Bad Company Live at Red Rocks' features a 14-song performance, (see set list below) and while original Bad Co. guitarist, MICK RALPHS is credited on the recording, he had already left the band due to increasing health difficulties. Guitars were handled by touring musician, HOWARD LEESE (formerly of HEART) & RICH ROBINSON (Black Crowes). Up until this point, Ralphs had been a part of every different incarnation of the heritage British rock band, and he was completely in favor of Rich Robinson's participation in the group. The CD and DVD are now on sale and available exclusively at Walmart and nowhere else...and there's no word on how this particular sales strategy was arrived at. Get more info and purchase 'Bad Company Live at Red Rocks' HERE. Rock On!

‘Bad Company Live at Red Rocks’ Track Listing
1. “Live For The Music”
2. “Feel Like Makin’ Love”
3. “Gone, Gone, Gone”
4. “Burnin’ Sky”
5. “Electricland”
6. “Ready For Love”
7. “Crazy Circles”
8. “Seagull”
9. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy”
10. “Shooting Star”
11. “Movin’ On”
12. “Can’t Get Enough”
13. “Bad Company”
14. “Rock Steady”