Is There A NEW ROBERT PLANT Album On The Way?

Singer's last LP was released in 2014...

August 16, 2017

Tracy Decourcy

After a period of 'flying under the radar,' it seems that ROBERT PLANT is gearing up for a new solo album, his first  since 2014's "Lullaby and the Ceaseless Roar." From the somewhat cryptic posts that now adorn the legendary singers website and social media accounts, it appears that the album will be titled, "A Way With Words," and a short clip with those words accompanied by an understated instrumental is what now greets visitors to Plant's website. Previously, fans who visited the site were met with the phrase, "Any Time Now," and it certainly appears that "any time" might well be very soon! The band backing Robert on the new recording will once again be the Sensational Shape Shifters, with whom Plant recorded the previous album as well as collaborating on a 2012 'Live' project... WATCH the clip HERE.