ROLLING STONES Ready 'Let It Bleed' 50th Anniversary Edition

Unlike other Stones reissues...NO extra music

September 12, 2019

J. Wilds / Getty Images


In a half-century-plus career that has seen The ROLLING STONES release some amazing recordings, most fans and music writers agree that the period of 1968-1972, along with the albums released in that time span, remains the most legendary era of The Stones recorded output...The Stones began that run with 2 legendary LPs to close out the 60's: 'Beggar's Banquet' (1968) and 1969's 'Let It Bleed,' and began the 1970's with 2 more iconic records: 'Sticky Fingers' (1971) and 1972's 'Exile On Main Street.' (Those 4 albums alone would make a career for any band!) The Golden Anniversary of 'Let It Bleed' is approaching, and The Stones have announced November 1st as the release date for the 'Let It Bleed 50th Anniversary Edition' box set. It's a limited-edition set with two LPs and two HybridSuper Audio CDs. (newly remastered in stereo and mono)  It also includes a replica 7" single of "Honky Tonk Women" / "You Can’t Always Get What You Want," (in its original picture sleeve) which was initially released months before the album. (watch the 'Unboxing' video of the new set below.) Additionally, the remastered stereo version of 'Let It Bleed' will also be released on CD, as a vinyl LP and digitally.  With the incredible array of unforgettable, legendary tunes on the album (track list below as a reminder!) it is a little disappointing to note that unlike the wealth of previously unreleased songs, etc. offered up on the Deluxe reissues of 'Sticky Fingers' & 'Exile...,' there are literally none on the 'Let It Bleed' set. : (  Oh well, there still ain't a bad song on the album!  Rock ON, Rolling Stones!

The Rolling Stones, 'Let It Bleed (50th Anniversary Limited Deluxe Edition)' Track Listing

LP 1 - Stereo
Side 1
1. "Gimme Shelter"
2. "Love In Vain"
3. "Country Honk"
4. "Live With Me"
5. "Let It Bleed"
Side 2
1. "Midnight Rambler"
2. "You Got the Silver"
3. "Monkey Man"
4. "You Can’t Always Get What You Want"

LP 2 - Mono

Hybrid Super Audio CD 1 - Stereo

Hybrid Super Audio CD 2 - Mono

7” vinyl single - (Mono)
Side A – "Honky Tonk Women" Side B – "You Can’t Always Get What You Want"