STEVE PERRY Reiterates He Wants No Part Of Anything 'JOURNEY'

Singer responds to Neal Schon's numerous public pleas to collaborate

October 9, 2018

Jaguarps Dreamstime

Singer STEVE PERRY, who recently re-emerged after close to a quarter century out of the musical spotlight, is once again (somehwhat) enjoying being in that spotlight after so many years away from it. There is however, one aspect of his return that he does not particularly care for, and that are the repeated public calls from his former band mate, NEAL SCHON, to collaborate again. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Perry said that he couldn't imagine working with Neal Schon in any capacity again or even re-establishing the friendship..."I'm not sure that's possible without stirring up hopes of a reunion," Perry said. "Please listen to me. I left the band 31 fucking years ago, my friend. You can still love someone, but not want to work with them. And if they only love you because they want to work with you, that doesn't feel good to me." Although Perry adds that he has no bitterness towards his former band mates, the author of the Rolling Stone piece (Andy Greene) claims that a "look of disgust' crossed Perry's face when he was asked about the recent memoir 'Don't Stop Believing' that was penned by keyboardist JONATHAN CAIN. Responding to the query Perry said, "I don't really care to read Jonathan's book," he said. "And I'd appreciate if you didn't tell me about it. I don't need to know. It's none of my business." What Mr. Perry IS interested in, and the reason he's been doing numerous interviews, is to talk about his new album 'Traces,' the result of the past 5 years work which was released in September. READ the entire Steve Perry article HERE.