Springsteen's "Archives" To Be Housed at Jersey's Monmouth College

January 11, 2017

Americanspirit | Dreamstime.com

Just as past U.S. Presidents release the artifacts, writings, photos, & memorabilia of their tenure in office to a designated "Presidential Library," some Classic Rockers are also donating the chronicles of their careers to institutions that will be the caretakers of their musical legacies. The Grateful Dead are just one band who have given their historical artifacts and related materials to an educational facility...their works can be enjoyed at the University of Southern California @ Santa Cruz. And now BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN has a home for the physical items of his long, productive, & successful career--New Jersey's Monmouth College. The college is already the home for the "Bruce Springsteen Special Collection," which was established in 2011. (see related story at http://nyti.ms/2iGuxRI) The Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music will now house the Jersey rocker's personal collection of written works, photographs, magazines and other artifacts from throughout his career.

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