Soundtrack LP To Accompany New GRATEFUL DEAD Documentary!

Both Studio & Live recordings (some unreleased!) will be included...

April 13, 2017


The GRATEFUL DEAD Documentary, "Long Strange Trip" will finally be released in theaters (Los Angeles & New York City) at the end of May, and with the critically acclaimed film will also be a soundtrack album that Dead Heads are sure to love! The film, which had it's premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, will also eventually be available for streaming and downloading via Amazon Prime Video on June 2nd. The soundtrack for the movie was co-produced by the movie's director, Amir Bar-Lev, and long-time Grateful Dead Archivist, DAVID LEMIEUX. Of the soundtrack & film, Mr. Lemieux said, "All in all, this is unlike any other Grateful Dead release we've ever produced--just as the film is unlike any other Grateful Dead audiovisual document ever made. Then again, it's simply unlike any other music documentary ever made, which is appropriate considering that there's no band like the Grateful Dead."  Producer Alex Blavatnick also had raves about the project: "'Long Strange Trip' expertly captures the story of the Grateful Dead and at the center of it all is the true star of the film: the music. This soundtrack gives you a taste of everything that makes the band magical, from their uniquely crafted studio recordings to their unparalleled live performances."  Fans will have their choice of two versions of the soundtrack, both of which will also be released on May 26th: a 2-CD set ($19.98), and an Amazon-Only 3-CD set ($29.98), available for streaming and as a digital download. Although the 3-CD set will boast 9 additional songs, both sets will have generous helpings of some of The Dead's greatest studio recordings as well as some of their most dynamic, compelling, 'live' performances. (including previously unreleased selections!) And for those Dead Heads who still prefer their music on vinyl, there will be a 2-LP set of "highlights" (from the 2-CD version) set for a late-Summer release, and a huge, 6-LP set (from the expanded 3-CD set) that will be limited to only 2500 copies. Rock On!