Sorry (not sorry), But It AIN'T FOREIGNER w/o You-Know-Who

January 20, 2017

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As we all know by now, Rock Band FOREIGNER will observe it's 40th Anniversary this year. The band has labored on in the last 8+ years w/ singer, KELLY HANSEN, who, IMO, is a fine singer, BUT...he is NOT the guy that most Foreigner fans will associate with the band's success over the years. Quick! Can YOU name any FOREIGNER song that LOU GRAMM did not sing? Exactly. This Hansen guy sings the Classic Foreigner songs very well, but it's similar to the situation w/ JOURNEY...the (new singer) didn't write the songs, he's just reproducing them in performance. Karaoke. I know that's kinda harsh & maybe a little unfair, but when an iconic, legendary, & unique singer & front-man is replaced, I don't see how any band can carry on and not be aware that the comparison might be made... Of course, I speak from a 'Rochester' perspective, and FOREIGNER fans elsewhere might beg to differ, but nonetheless, FOREIGNER ain't Foreigner w/o Mr. Lou Gramm. Rock On!

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