Social Media Classic Rock Fans Choose 'Greatest Album of All Time...'

And The WINNER is: 'Dark Side of the Moon!

October 5, 2017

Adonis1969 | Dreamstime

It's always a fun discussion when you and your Classic Rock-inclined friends opine on what should be considered the 'Greatest Rock Album Ever...'  It's also frequently 'debated' on social media, and that is where the latest 'crowning' of a legendary Classic Rock album as 'The Greatest' has been determined...Back in August of this year, Classic Rock readers on both Facebook and Twitter were presented w/ a list of about 200 Classic Rock albums and asked to vote on them. The respondents were also permitted to add additional albums to the list. (incidentally, the 2 albums most often added were Pink Floyd's 'Animals,' and 'Close To The Edge' by Yes.) PINK FLOYD wound up w/ a total of 3 albums in the Top 20 of the list, LED ZEPPELIN had 4 (including 3 in the Top 10!), The BEATLES had a total of 3 in the Top 20, and 2 in the Top 10, and The ROLLING STONES had...only 2 in the Top 50, and none in the Top 20. The newest album in the Top 10 was GUNS N' ROSES 'Appetite For Destruction' (#6)

You can read more about it HERE.