So, Why DID Ritchie Blackmore change his 'Musical Focus?'

Guitarist has gone from Rock to 'Renaissance' Music

December 14, 2016

Izuminka |

So, RITCHIE BLACKMORE: One of the most influential guitarists from one of the most influential British Hard Rock Bands, he who composed THEE most recognizable & imitated guitar riff EVAH ("Smoke on the Water!')...RITCHIE BLACKMORE, who after Deep Purple, continued to create great Rock & Roll with Rainbow until....until...he changed his musical direction, and now composes and plays 'Renaissance' Music. WHY DID HE DO THAT?! (in all fairness, he has just released the recordings of the Rainbow Reunion shows that took place in Germany and the U.K. earlier this year)

In a recent interview, Mr. Blackmore explains his 'Muse...'