SKID ROW To Reunite w/ Singer Sabastian Bach?

(Probably not)

November 14, 2017

Mrdoomits | Dreamstime

If past Rock & Roll history has taught us anything, it's that when a band breaks up, there's ALWAYS a chance for a 'Reunion.' Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's for a BIG payday, and sometimes it's for the fans. And sometimes, the bands we'd really like to see get back not. What stands in the way of these reunions? Egos, lack of interest on the performer's part, bad blood with former band mates, and deaths of 'crucial' band members seem to be the leading factors. Up until the death of EAGLES' member Glenn Frey, that heritage band was able to reignite their career for another 20+ years after they famously reconvened in 1980 for the 'Hell Freezes Over' tour and album, famously named for when the individual members thought that they would get back together...POSION has been fairly successful in the 5 years since they've been back together, and the Rock and Roll landscape is full of both successful and not-so-successful attempts at reconciliation and reuniting. Of the many 1980's-era 'Hair Bands' that enjoyed a good deal of success, SKID ROW stands out as one band that a reunion seems 'ripe' for, however, the latest from SKID ROW Guitarist Dave 'Snake' Sabo does not lend itself to that ever happening with original lead singer, Sebastian Bach. In a recent interview with the on-line music site, Blabbermouth, Mr. Sabo estimates the chance of a reunion with Bach is 'slim to none...' Bach has not performed with Skid Row in over 20 years, but the topic has surfaced frequently in past years, with Bach even tweeting last year, “Only way a Skid Row Reunion could happen is if we somehow tried 2 bury a 20 year hatchet between us. Would love the chance to do so.” It seems that there will not be any 'burying of hatchets' anytime soon, so forget about that Skid Row reunion idea. Although there has been a lot of money offered, Dave Sabo insists that it's not the money, nor is the reunion idea ego-driven, but rather, as Sabo recently told SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation (via Blabbermouth), “There was definitely dialog that was going back and forth and there was talk. I think everybody was entertaining the idea, and I think, really, what it ended up being was, we realized that whatever it was that tore us apart years ago still existed.” Furthermore, he added, “I guess it was the personality conflicts that existed before, 20 years ago.” He described himself as “extremely happy” in his life and career and insisted he’d never want to work like Motley Crue reportedly did on their farewell tour, when they traveled on separate buses."