See BON JOVI In Concert This Summer, Then Take The Show Home!

Concert goers will receive a FREE download of the performance.

February 8, 2017

Raja Rc |

It wasn't all that long ago that bands came up with the idea of offering downloads from their live performances.  Certainly, 'Jam" bands led the way on this endeavor, but it has caught on to the mainstream in the last few years, and offers concert attendees a special memento and, IMO, a little more value for the $$ being spent on the concert going 'experience.'

Bon Jovi's Spring Tour in support of "This House Is Not For Sale," will last about 3 months, with the closest shows to Rochester/Buffalo taking place in Toronto in mid-April. All who attend the shows will receive a special USB device for the download, and if you're NOT going to a Bon Jovi Concert, you can still get a copy of one of the shows from the tour by visiting the Bon Jovi on-line merchandise store and buy the USB for $34.99.

Find out MORE about the FREE Bon Jovi downloads HERE.