SAMMY HAGAR Lobbying To Have MONTROSE Inducted To Rock & Roll HOF

October 24, 2018

© Randy Miramontez |

SAMMY HAGAR is on a mission to have 70's hard-rockin' band, MONTROSE inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 'Sam' Hagar as he was known back then, was the unknown singer tapped by RONNIE MONTROSE to front the band that bore the guitarist's name. Hagar was a member of Montrose through their first 2 albums, 'Montrose,' and 'Paper Money.' It is that first album that is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential hard rock albums of all time, a point that Sammy Hagar underscores when he says, "Because without MONTROSE, there would be no VAN HALEN, there wouldn't have been MÖTLEY CRÜE, there wouldn't have been DEF LEPPARD. Every band I meet, they're like 'The first MONTROSE record! The MONTROSE record!' I think we should be in the Hall Of Fame."  In a recent TV interview, Sammy equates inclusion in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a 'validation' of not having had a 'wasted life.' Hagar also acknowledges that there are plenty of deserving artists/bands who are bitter over the fact that they haven't been inducted but he asserts that he is not, and he already is a member of the Hall from his days with Van Halen. Rock ON, Red Rocker!