Sabbath's TONY IOMMI & Judas Priest's ROB HALFORD? It COULD Happen!

Not the first time the 2 Metal Icons have discussed a collaboration...

March 26, 2018

© Andrey Armyagov |Cindy Tanzyus

Let's say you're a legendary, talented, well-respected, and iconic guitar player who has just wrapped up a career in probably the most influential Heavy Metal band ever, and now that the band has played it's final show....what does one do? Why, he proposes working together with another iconic Metal performer, also from a heritage, pioneering hard rockin' band! That's what could be happening with Black Sabbath guitarist TONY IOMMI and Judas Priest singer, ROB HALFORD! The 2 British legends (both from Birmingham, England, by the way) have mutual respect and admiration for the other, and it's not the first time that the 2 have thought about making music together. In a recent interview in the Metal Hammer magazine, Tony Iommi stated, “We’ve talked about it for ages. When the time’s right it would be nice to write a track or two, or whatever. I’d like to do that. It’s nice to work with people that you respect and like.”  In the same interview, their first ever together, Halford expressed his respect for Iommi & The Sabs, saying, “Sabbath’s most important contribution to music is the invention of heavy metal, plain and simple. Tony was the guy that played the first heavy metal riff. And it all started from there.”  After Sabbath played their final concert, (February 2017), Iommi took a well-deserved break, moved to a new home, and didn't write any new music, however, now that he's settled and "set up again," he anticipates a return to writing soon, and hopefully will get to partner with Rob Halford for a musical collaboration that has long been discussed but never realized. Of course, Halford and JUDAS PRIEST have just begun their tour in support of their latest album (their 18th!), 'Firepower,' so naturally any 'outside projects' will have to sit on the back burner for now, but that's a musical pairing to look forward to and worth waiting for!  Rock On, Tony Iommi & Rob Halford!