RUSH's Legacy of Great, "Live" Recordings

40th Anniversary of "All The World's A Stage"

September 30, 2016

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Our Fave Canadian Hard-Rockin' Trio, RUSH, have been very good about chronicling thier live performances over the years with no less than a dozen collections that have been recorded/released in the last 40 years of their illustrious, successful career. Their very first live set, "All The World's A Stage" is now 40 years old!

In MY opinion, their regular schedule of releasing these tour chronicles has enabled us Rush fans to listen to, observe, and enjoy their musical progression, growth, and instrumental prowess. They take on even more value and relevance (again, IMO) considering that the band is (allegedly) no longer going to tour...whatever YOUR favorite RUSH period is, there's a 'Live' set that is sure to please you! Rock on!

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