ROCTOBER is Coming!

The 'Preferred Month of Rock & Rollers!"

September 27, 2016

Sabri Deniz Kizil |

The arrival of the Fall Season brings a lot of things: cooler weather, football & hockey season, Halloween, and the month that is dedicated to The Best Classic Rockers! Yes, it's time for "ROCTOBER" again on WCMF! ALL of the "A-Listers" of Classic Rock get an entire day featuring their timeless brand of Rock & Roll--Roctober 'You-Fers' at the top of the hour, (YOU pick the 2nd song) Work-Force Blocks from the featured artist at Noon, and we finish up the day's feature with an AWESOME "Live" set from WCMF's massive & legendary Concert Library!

The WCMF ROCTOBER Calendar will be available soon at!