ROBERT PLANT Appears On 'Austin City Limits!'

Compelling, 're-worked' ZEP Classics part of performance...

February 28, 2017

Tracy Decourcy |

ROBERT PLANT. He's ALWAYS been my favorite Rock Singer. He's the 'Lion In Winter,' He's the 'Master.' He is the 'Prototype' for all other rock singers to follow. (IMO) I have always admired his 'artistic quest,' his ongoing ventures of making new music that incorporates different styles and approaches, all the while eschewing any LED ZEPPELIN 'Reunions,' in spite of the tremendous amount of money that could be realized for such an endeavor. He is an artist who has famously followed his 'Muse.' However, one great thing about ROBERT PLANT, is that he doesn't forget his past, nor does he remain 'tied' to a particular style when he performs those Zeppelin songs...I find it fascinating to hear "Black Dog," or "When The Levee Breaks" completely re-imagined, and presented in a style that is 180 degrees different than the original version. ROBERT PLANT recently returned to perform for the long-running music showcase, 'Austin City Limits,' (his first visit since 2003!) and performed a set of original & LED ZEPPELIN classic songs that simply cannot be duplicated by anyone! Rock On!

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