July 19, 2017

Worldfoto | Dreamstime.com

I dunno....Does RITCHIE BLACKMORE regret leaving DEEP PURPLE? Is he envious of the band's ability to (successfully) carry on without him? I say...maybe.  Here's why: the former PURPLE Guitarist has now twice mentioned that he'd be "open" to performing with the Heritage, Legendary Rock Band that he founded, and then famously & abruptly left in 1993.  The first time he mentioned it, (a reunion) he also stated that he "didn't think it would ever happen." This after he re-formed RAINBOW and took that band out of moth balls for a few shows in Germany last year, and then issued a 'Live' chronicle of those shows. (IMO it was a lackluster performance without passion and excitement)  The past years have seen Mr. Blackmore explore his interest in 'Renaissance-Era' music with his band, Blackmore's Night, and it seems that his interest in Rock & Roll has taken a back seat to that muse. Blackmore was also (at the band's say-so) NOT included in DEEP PURPLE's long-delayed and tremendously deserved induction to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last year, with the band opting to honor the current members only, which meant that it was STEVE MORSE accepting the honor with DEEP PURPLE. (Reminder: Steve Morse has been the guitarist for DP since 1994!) In an interview earlier this year, Blackmore stated, that he “bears no malice” over previous disagreements with the group, and that he’d consider reuniting. In a recent interview with RocknRoll Reporter, he brought up the topic once again and said, “I think if they were interested, and our dates would not collide, I would be, for a single show, because of the old times. But I don’t believe Deep Purple are interested in it. They have their niche. We are friends. I have been doing my music for 20 years, they’ve been doing it for 20 years. It’s probably not likely.” So, there ya have it. Rock ON!

p.s.-DEEP PURPLE's newest album, "Infinite" is Excellent!