Review: Eric Clapton "Live in San Diego 2007"

October 3, 2016

Martijn Mulder |

I was very excited when this live release from Eric Clapton was announced back in August, and I am completely enthralled with the new 2-disc set! Eric's touring band that year included Slide Guitar Maestro, Derek Trucks, which enabled Eric to revisit his 'Derek & The Dominos' material. The opening 5 songs on the disc are from the 'Layla' album and they are simply stunning, with Clapton's and Derek Trucks' incredible guitar interplay reminding the listener of the sheer artistry of the original recordings with Eric and Duane Allman. The jaw-dropping talent of Derek Trucks, along with the fluidity, the fire, and the finesse of Eric's guitar mastery, give these classic songs a well-deserved "re-visit," and the performance is incredible. As if that weren't enough, Eric's friend, collaborator, and major influence, J.J. Cale joined the band for a handful of songs, including Clapton's biggest hit, "Cocaine," which Mr. Cale wrote. (Personally, I could live without any more 'live' versions of "Cocaine," as the song has been very well represented on virtually all of his live recordings from the past 20 years! That being said, this version sounds looser and more casual, and more enjoyable for EC to play with his friend.)

The performances on "Live in San Diego..." are filled with a looseness, a "swagger" and confidence that is evident from the opening notes. In addition to having Derek Trucks in the band, Eric is surrounded by the same ultra-talented recording/touring musicians that have played alongside him for the past 15+ years. Having J.J. Cale & Robert Cray (on 'Crossroads') sit in only adds to the fun! This is a must-have. Rock On.

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