REO SPEEDWAGON Announces Release Of New 'Classic Years' Box Set

9-disc set features 7 LPs & LOTS of 'bonus' recordings

January 8, 2019

© Lynnbellphoto

Heritage Rockers REO SPEEDWAGON have just announced the upcoming release (March 1st) of a new, 9-disc box set that will collect 7 of the midwestern band's latter-period album releases as well as a wealth of previously unreleased songs, demos, and concert recordings. The new set, 'REO Speedwagon: Classic Years 1978-1990,' follows the very successful release last Fall of their 8-disc collection, 'REO Speedwagon: The Early Years 1971-1977.' ( REO Speedwagon's history dates back to their formation in 1967, which led to their debut album in 1971. Non-stop touring and a steady output of solid rock & roll songs (penned mostly by Gary Richrath & Kevin Cronin) eventually led to the band's first #1 song (Keep On Lovin' You) in 1980 from their most successful album, 'Hi Infidelity,' which went on to sell more than 10 million copies. 'Hi Infidelity' is one of 7 full REO (studio) albums included in the box set along with two of their late-70's albums, "You Can Tune A Piano...," and "Nine Lives," as well as four 1980's-era albums and one from 1990. A full 2 CDs are devoted to previously unreleased (except to radio) demos and live tracks. (check out the complete contents below) REO Speedwagon fans can pre-order the new set HERE. Rock ON, REO Speedwagon!

CD1 features 1978’s You Can Tune a Piano but You Can’t Tuna Fish plus short and long versions of “Roll With the Changes” and an edit of “Time For Me to Fly.” The disc also includes a 1978 live radio promo of seven songs.

CD2 includes 1979’s Nine Lives plus several live tracks.

CD3 features 1980’s Hi Infidelity.

CD4 is devoted to bonus tracks, previously unreleased demos and live songs originally released promotionally to radio.

CD5 includes 1982’s Good Trouble with the hits “Keep the Fire Burnin'” and “Sweet Time.”

CD6 contains 1984’s Wheels Are Turnin’ album, featuring “Can’t Fight This Feeling” and “One Lonely Night,” plus radio mixes and edits of several songs.

CD7 features Life as We Know It from 1987, with “This Ain’t Love” and “In My Dreams.”

CD8 is 1990’s The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog and a Chicken.

CD9 includes 17 live tracks from performances spanning 1980 through 1990.