Remembering Bill Graham

Legendary Concert Promoter/Music Entrepreneur Died 25 Years Ago...

October 26, 2016


There was only one Bill Graham, and 25 years after his death at age 60, his legacy lives on. It's been 25 years since Bill Graham, his girlfriend, and a helicopter pilot perished in a crash caused by bad weather. Along with all of the incredible musicians, singers, songwriters, managers, etc. who contributed to Music in any number of ways, Bill Graham remains as large and important a figure in Rock and Popular Music as all of them. If you are NOT familiar with Mr. Graham, and what makes him "Legendary," I urge you to read up on the man-his "Autobiography," 'Bill Graham Presents,'-is a good place to start. It tells of his life, his background as an immigrant, his passion for music, and his trailblazing approach to promoting music and performances. There are many, MANY intriguing and fascinating 'behind-the-scenes' stories of the legendary bands and performers he's had perform at both Fillmore locations. Also-literally dozens and dozens of of some of the most revered, critically acclaimed, and famous "Live" albums were recorded at the 2 Fillmore Auditoriums. (here's a partial list: )

Bill Graham is most well known for operating both The Fillmore East (NYC) and The Fillmore West (San Francisco), but that's just part of his involvement with Music; He also promoted numerous large-scale tours for the Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones (as well as many others) He managed the careers of Carlos Santana and Eddie Money.

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