Question: Who...Is The BIGGEST Musical Act on You Tube?

One of their songs has over a BILLION views!

July 16, 2018

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The answer to the question posed is....GUNS N' ROSES! According to a recent report in Forbes Magazine, the Gunners are the biggest musical act for the 1980's & 1990's on the You Tube video channel, spurred on by more than 1 billion views of the band's epic song, 'November Rain.' The Forbes article claims that the clip from the 'Use Your Illusion' album is the first video of the 1990's to achieve that milestone. The increasing popularity of the band and their songs is no doubt inspired by Guns N' Roses incredibly successful 'Not In This Lifetime' reunion tour, which to date, is closing in on earnings of a half-billion dollars. In just the year 2017 alone, the song was being viewed an average of 560,000 times every day! Their song, 'Sweet Child of Mine' is the band's second most-viewed clip, logging more than 692 million views (the most for the 1980's). The only 2 songs that come close to 'November Rain' though are from The Cranberries ('Zombie' w/ 739 million views) and Nirvana ('Smells Like Teen Spirit' w/ 727 million 'looks.') 'November Rain' was issued as a single in February 1992 and has become one of their 'signature' songs. In late June, GN'R issued a previously unreleased 1986 piano-only version of 'November Rain' from the recent 'Appetite For Destruction' reissue, whcih is also racking up lots of You Tube views. Rock On, Guns N' Roses!