QUEEN's Roger Taylor Shares New Song, Short Film...

“Symphonic in scale and autumnal in mood.”

May 5, 2017

Sylverarts Dreamstime

QUEEN's ROGER TAYLOR, without any fanfare or advance notice, has just released a new song and accompanying short film titled, "Journey's End." It's Taylor's first release since his 2013 solo album, "Fun On Earth." According to the press release announcing the song and film, "It's a side of Taylor’s musical personality that’s symphonic in scale and autumnal in mood." Further explanation of the track comes from Roger Taylor himself: “It’s a ‘piece,'” he explains of the song, (which clocks in at nearly seven minutes.) “Which is why there is a long solo in it. I’ve just let it take its own course. I just didn’t want to make it quick, edit it. I wanted it to be fairly contemplative, fairly dreamlike, a mood piece.” Taylor goes on to describe "the piece" as a look at mortality, and it's Taylor's admission that, “eternity is not an option.” Roger Taylor:It is a sort of acceptance of the fact that this a journey, and that journey will come to an end. A journey towards the tail end, the September of one’s years.”  The recent deaths of QUEEN "extended Family members, DAVID BOWIE and GEORGE MICHAEL," made the past year a tough one" for Messrs: Taylor, May, & Deacon, but nonetheless, the 3 QUEEN members remain committed to the future of the band, with Taylor commenting, “This has been an incredible journey — our career, our band Queen, which we thought was over with the death of Freddie, it just seems to continue, almost with a life of its own,” concludes Taylor. “And as long as people want to see us, we will be happy to indulge them.” Rock On!