QUEEN Will Release 40th Anniversary Deluxe 'News of the World' Set

September 5, 2017

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QUEEN's 6th studio album, 'News of the World' was released on October 28th, 1977, and backed by the strength of the album's 3 singles-'We Will Rock You,' 'We Are The Champions,' & 'Spread Your Wings,' the album went on to sell over 6 million copies (including 4 million in the U.S.) and became the best selling album of their career. And now, QUEEN are preparing the release of a 40th Anniversary 'Deluxe' reissue of the album, and it will be available on November 10th. Here's what to expect: A (2011) remaster of the original album, a copy of the LP on vinyl, the documentary 'Queen: The American Dream,' created from 1977 footage shot in the U.S., three posters and a 60-page book of images, and of course, a CD with LOTS of (rare, but previously released) 'Bonus' tracks. (See track listing below) However, the biggest treat of the Deluxe offering will no doubt be the 'Raw Sessions' disc that will be included. The recent Press Release announcing the reissue states, “For many devotees, this Raw Sessions CD will be the most intriguing component of the new release. Mined deep from long-vaulted studio multi-track tapes, this extraordinary paralleled album brings to light never-before-heard alternative versions of each of the album’s 11 tracks."  QUEEN fans can pre-order the box set, as well as a limited-edition (1,977 copies only!) picture disc of the album at the Official Queen website.   Rock On!

Queen – News of the World 40th Anniversary Edition Track Listing

Vinyl LP: New Pure Analogue Cut
Side One
1.  “We Will Rock You”
2.  “We Are the Champions”
3.  “Sheer Heart Attack”
4.  “All Dead, All Dead”
5.  “Spread Your Wings”
6.  “Fight From the Inside”
Side Two
1.  “Get Down, Make Love”
2.  “Sleeping on the Sidewalk”
3.  “Who Needs You”
4.  “It’s Late”
5.  “My Melancholy Blues”

CD 1: The Original Album (Bob Ludwig 2011 master)
1.  “We Will Rock You”
2.  “We Are The Champions”
3.  “Sheer Heart Attack”
4.  “All Dead, All Dead”
5.  “Spread Your Wings”
6.  “Fight From The Inside”
7.  “Get Down, Make Love”
8.  “Sleeping On The Sidewalk”
9.  “Who Needs You”
10. “It’s Late”
11. “My Melancholy Blues”

CD2: Raw Sessions
1.  “We Will Rock You” (Alternative Version)
2.  “We Are the Champions” (Alternative Version)
3.  “Sheer Heart Attack” (Original Rough Mix)
4.  “All Dead, All Dead” (Original Rough Mix)
5.  “Spread Your Wings”  (Alternative Take)
6.  “Fight From the Inside” (Demo Vocal Version)
7.  “Get Down, Make Love” (Early Take)
8.  “Sleeping on the Sidewalk” (Live in the USA, 1977)
9.  “Who Needs You” (Acoustic Take)
10. “It’s Late” (Alternative Version)
11. “My Melancholy Blues” (Original Rough Mix)

CD3: Bonus Tracks
1.  “Feelings Feelings”
2.  “We Will Rock You”
3.  “We Will Rock You (Fast)”
4.  “Spread Your Wings”
5.  “It’s Late”
6.  “My Melancholy Blues”
7.  “We Will Rock You”
8.  “We Are the Champions”
9.  “Spread Your Wings”
10.  “Fight From The Inside”
11.  “Get Down, Make Love”
12.  “It’s Late” (USA Radio Edit 1978)
13.  “Sheer Heart Attack” (Live in Paris 1979)
14.  “We Will Rock You” (Live in Tokyo 1982)
15.  “My Melancholy Blues” (Live in Houston 1977)
16.  “Get Down, Make Love” (Live in Montreal 1981)
17.  “Spread Your Wings” (Live in Europe 1979)
18.  “We Will Rock You” (Live at the MK Bowl 1982)
19.  “We Are the Champions” (Live at the MK Bowl 1982)

DVD: ‘Queen: The American Dream’