Pre-Fame BOB SEGER Album Set For Release September 7th

10 songs from 1966-67 w/ his band, The Last Heard

July 25, 2018

© Martin Ellis |

Back when BOB SEGER was a struggling, young rocker looking to hit it big in the Rock & Roll business, he headed a lil' outfit called the Last Heard. This was waaaay before Seger did indeed 'hit it big' with albums like 'Live Bullet' (1973) and 'Night Moves' (1975), and a new collection is set for release in early September that spotlights his early rock & roll endeavors. 'Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967,' collects 10 songs from that period, including 2 songs that garnered some airplay on Detroit radio stations, 'Heavy Music (Pt. 1),' and 'East Side Story,' and Seger's Christmas nugget, 'Sock It To Me Santa.' (see complete track listing below) The Last Heard was put together after Seger was encouraged by his soon-to-be manager, Edward (Punch) Andrews, to record his own songs. (Seger had been writing songs for another band) 'Heavy Music' enjoyed some modest success, even charting on the Billboard Hot Singles chart and Seger would record a few more singles for the Cameo label before it folded after 'Heavy Music's' release. After signing with Capitol Records, Bob Seger set about building his career with incessant touring that helped him gain a substantial following that would pay off in 1976 when 'Live Bullet' hit the album charts. Seger fans can stream one of the songs ('Persecution Smith') and pre-order the new collection HERE.

Bob Seger, ‘Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967’ Track Listing
“Heavy Music (Part 1)”
“East Side Story (Vocal)”
“Chain Smokin’”
“Persecution Smith”
“Vagrant Winter”
“Very Few”
“Florida Time”
“Sock It To Me Santa”
“Heavy Music (Part 2)”
“East Side Sound (Instrumental)”