PINK FLOYD's 'Animals' Album Turns 40!

Roger Waters-“It is a very violent album.”

January 24, 2017

Tuulum & Jomann & Sergey Kovalev

PINK FLOYD's 'Animals' album was released 40 years ago on January 23, 1977. Although the previous 2 Floyd albums, "Dark Side of the Moon," & "Wish You Were Here," can be viewed as more 'collaborative efforts,' the "Animals" album bore (mostly) the 'stamp' of ROGER WATER's lyrics & singing...It can also be perceived as the beginning of Water's efforts to "freeze out" the other band members, most notably Guitarist/Singer DAVID GILMOUR. The iciness between the 2 creative forces behind the Prog-Rock giants would only increase over the next few years and albums (The Wall, The Final Cut) until the eventual 'parting of the ways' of Roger Waters from Pink Floyd. While the original perception of the album was kind of a 'push back' towards the growing popularity of 'Punk' music, it was more accurately a 'pull no punches' attack on greed and the world's 'Power Structure." In separate interviews from 1977, both Waters & Gilmour weighed in on the albums content: “It is a very violent album,” Waters conceded in an interview with Capitol Radio. “They’re quite violent songs, so I think that’s why the music is a bit punchier.” Gilmour, in a separate interview, agreed that “there’s not a lot of sweet sing-along stuff on it.”

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