Paul Rodgers, Robert Plant AND Brian Johnson Appear On Stage...

And they 'Belt Out' a Rock & Roll Classic!

May 15, 2017

Lar01joka |

Legendary Rock Singer, PAUL RODGERS (Bad Company, The Firm, Queen, etc.) is in the middle of his (UK only) 'Free Spirit Tour,' and the other night he was joined by a coupla other fine singers...ROBERT PLANT and BRIAN JOHNSON! The 2 vocalists joined Mr. Rodgers for the encore at his show in Oxford,England on the 6th night of a scheduled 14-date tour, and helped him to 'bring it home' on a cover of the Barrett Strong classic, "Money." How did THAT happen? Well, Robert Plant has been seen around town with Brian Johnson, as he (Plant) is a guest on a forthcoming segment of Johnson's TV show, "Life On The Road." ( Johnson began the TV show (and an on-line Radio program called 'The Producers') in the time since taking his 'hiatus' from singing on stage. It's well known that Brian Johnson had to leave AC/DC a year ago after the dire warning from his doctors that he risked permanent hearing damage if he continued to subject himself to the loud volume of AC/DC's performances. In the past year, Brian Johnson has made great strides in protecting his hearing with the use of a new type of in-ear monitor that doesn't put his hearing at risk. However, the new technology is still being developed and reportedly is not yet ready for 'everyday use.' But that didn't keep him and the 2 other incredible singers from delivering a great version of the final song as well as a supreme treat for the audience that night! Rock On!