(Original) METALLICA Bassist Cliff Burton Honored By His Cali Hometown.

'Cliff Burton Day' proclaimed for the musician's birthday of February 10th.

February 8, 2018

© Umi Kaltsum Dreamstime.com

Although original METALLICA bass player CLIFF BURTON died tragically some 32 years ago, he is still very much in the hearts and minds of the people in his homeotwn of Castro Valley, California. So much so, that the late musician's birthday of February 10th has officially been designated 'Cliff Burton Day,' and it was jubilantly received by his family as well as the other Metallicats, who tweeted the news on February 6th: "IT’S OFFICIAL!" wrote the band. "The Board of Supervisors from Alameda County has just proclaimed February 10, 2018, which would have been Cliff’s 56th birthday, 'Cliff Burton Day.' Thanks to all of the fans who got behind this initiative. We love that he remains so revered." A petition that was started only a month ago by a dedicated fan attracted a groundswell of support, garnering almost 6,000 signatures in just those few weeks. The fan who got the ball rolling is Robert Souza, who addressed the Alameda County Municipal Advisory Board in January with his reasons in support of a designated day for Burton. The Castro Valley musician is still fondly remembered, and just last year it was revealed that his Metallica royalty payments (which are paid every year and overseen by his family) have regularly been donated to support Music related programs in Alameda County schools. The proclamation (which you can read herestates that 'Cliff Burton Day' is being declared in an attempt to honor his "life and legacy." Cliff Burton's family, also thrilled by the news, wrote on their Facebook page, "Thank you to Robert Souza for starting this petition and following it through to the end," it reads. "Thank you to all of the fans from the Bay Area and around the world who voted. We are honored." Rock On! 

Watch the news story about the 'push' for 'Cliff Burton Day'