One Year Into 'Retirement,' RUSH...Will Stay Retired. ;D

Alex Lifeson: "Unlikely we'll tour again."

April 14, 2017

Carolyn Franks/ Dreamstime

It what most probably IS NOT a surprise to RUSH fans, our favorite Canadian Power Trio will not be 'un-retiring.' As a matter of fact, I don't think that any of the RUSH faithful thought that would be the case after the band's triumphant 'R40' Tour that heralded the end of the band's touring career. But, just in case the fans were wondering about just that, Rush's ALEX LIFESON has offered an update, and it's pretty much status quo, that is, they're staying retired, at least from touring together. In a recent interview on Satellite radio, Lifeson was quoted as saying, “I would say that it’s unlikely that we’ll tour again as Rush. “Really, we toured for 41 years, and I have to say that first year off, I felt like I was grieving for my career and the band, but truly, 41 years of touring the way we toured, I shouldn’t feel badly about that.” Alex Lifeson was also non-committal about any future music that might or might not happen with GEDDY LEE. While Alex says that the two musicians “will probably do something together,” he did not offer any insight as to when that could be, or what kind of music they would create together. Currently, it appears that GEDDY LEE is writing a book about the bass guitar, and drummer NEAL PEART is off pursuing whatever it is he like to pursue, or according to Alex Lifeson, “I’m not sure what Neil’s doing these days. He’s on the west coast. He’s always got something going on.”  And what about an ALEX LIFESON 'Solo' project? The guitarist admits he's given it some thought, but it hasn't gone much further than that: “It’s funny. One day, it’s, like, ‘Yeah, this is exactly what I wanna do.’ And then the next day it’s, like, ‘This sucks. Forget it. I’m not doing this.’ I love those songs, then I hate them, and then I love ’em again,” said Lifeson. “It’s pretty typical, I think. It’s a much more focused thing when it’s the band. I just need to be more focused and a little more disciplined, I think. But it’s something I would like to do.” Rock On!