No Foreseeable LED ZEP 'Reunion' BUT...

Expect MORE Archival & Rare Releases

September 22, 2016

foto by DK

So, the most 'recent' (and ONLY) LED ZEPPELIN Reunion to talk about is the December 2007 show at the O2 Arena in London, which spawned the AWESOME CD/DVD set, "Celebration Day," which was released in 2012. I would expect by now that Zep fans have (hopefully) acknowledged that there probably will never be another formal collaboration between Messrs: Page, Plant, & Jones forthcoming. However, Jimmy Page assures fans that, with the success of the Remasters/Re-Issues that have been released over the past few years, and with even MORE new fans flocking to hear & experience the band's incredible musical output, that there will be more to come! Now that all the LED ZEPPELIN studio albums have been re-released, as well as the recent, 'live' set, The "Complete BBC Sessions," I personally am hoping that there will be more electrifying Concert performances from LED ZEPPELIN's past that we'll get to enjoy! Rock On.

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