NO AEROSMITH Tour THIS year, BUT...Maybe a NEW album!

Joe Perry sez AEROSMITH still has more new music to make...

March 28, 2017

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Well, at least we now know FOR SURE that there won't be any kind of AEROSMITH tour this year, "Farewell" or otherwise.... However, AEROSMITH fans can expect a new album! The latest from the Boston Bad Boys, is that while they are still going to carry on with their "Aero-Verderci Tour" in Europe, the band has put a "hold" on any domestic touring so that they can work on new music. Aerosmith Guitar Slinger, JOE PERRY, ha said that he really doesn't know if the European shows will be the band's last, but he does feel that they "have another record in us, if not two. But we’ll see how that goes.” Joe went on further to say, "We postponed the American tour we were supposed to do this fall, and we’re gonna go out and tour until we’re done. And we’re gonna try and hit every place we’ve ever played and never played. There’s always new places to go. New countries. I’d like to play China and the Far East. There’s a lot of places that are off the beaten path. Is this the last tour? Well, I don’t know. I don’t think so.” Rock On!