New STYX LP, Their 16th Album, Set For Release in Mid-June!

First NEW studio album since 2003...

April 21, 2017

Connie Larsen |

It's been almost 15 years since Heritage Rockers, STYX had any new music available for their fans...their previous studio album of new material was 2003's "Cyclorama." STYX fans won't have to wait much longer, as the band has completed work on the new LP, which is titled, "The Mission," and will be released on June 16th. (coincidentally, it's the band's 16th album) The album has a sort of 'concept' too: The subject revolves around the first manned mission to Mars, and is set in the year 2033. According to Guitarist, TOMMY SHAW, he and his writing collaborator, WILL EVANKOVICH, wrote most of the songs for the album "in secret," even keeping the other Styx band members "in the dark.." According to Tommy Shaw, as told recently to Billboard Magazine, “We kinda snuck around for a long time. …The idea of me coming to everybody else and saying, ‘Look, Will and I have an idea for us to do an album about a mission to Mars’ wasn't’t something I could confidently go in and talk about. I think everybody might have been overhearing little playbacks and this and that and the other and they were getting curious. I’m sure there were some discussions on the bus when I wasn't’t around. There finally came a point where it was, ‘Let’s bring everybody in.'”

STYX will be appearing with REO Speedwagon and guitarist, Don Felder on the "United We Rock" Tour, with a stop in Syracuse in August! Rock On!