New Netflix Doc Revisits the 'Murder' of The Rolling Stones' Brian Jones

50 years after his death, questions & suspicions remain

July 30, 2019

Keystone / Getty Images

When 27 year old BRIAN JONES of The Rolling Stones was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool 50 years ago (July 3, 1969), it was surmised that the talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist had been 'under the influence' and depressed and despondent over his recent dismissal from the group...However, there were immediate 'conspiracy' questions raised about his death, with the word 'murder' being attached to the tragic story. The questions about the alleged conspiracy have lingered in the half century since Jones' death, and will be addressed again in an upcoming documentary on Netflix. British journalist, Terry Rawlings authored a book about the case titled, 'Who Killed Christopher Robin" and serves as the basis of the documentary. (the title is a reference to Cotchford Farm, where Jones lived, having been the inspiration for AA Milne when he created Winnie The Pooh.) Mr. Rawlings interviewed Brian Jones' former manager, Tom Keylock back in 2009, in which Keylock offered more details about that night which have previously not been made public...until now. Essentially, Keylock states that 1) he was present that night w/ Jones & 3 others 2) all present, except for himself, were tremendously stoned and 3) one of the people present, a contractor doing work on Jones' home, killed him in a dispute over money. Adding to the mystery are claims made by Mr. Keylock's brother (a Senior Investigator for Scotland Yard) that Brian Jones’ death "was ordered to have been a cover-up because of mistakes by local police, and that the orders came from the very top not to pursue it anymore, and it never was pursued after that.”  The investigation was reopened in 2009 after more evidence was offered by a different journalist, but summarily dismssed by Sussex Police with the statement, “There is no new evidence to suggest that the coroner’s original verdict of ‘death by misadventure’ is incorrect.” No broadcast date for the new documentary has been revealed yet. Read MORE on the story HERE.