A New, 'Live' BLACK SABBATH Album On The Way?

TONY IOMMI reviewing performances from 'The End' Tour...

April 12, 2017

Ivan Černický Dreamstime.com

With their final tour completed, and their Rock & Roll Legacy secure, BLACK SABBATH is officially "Done." Well, "done" touring and performing as Black Sabbath anyway...Fans of the Heavy Metal Pioneers will be pleased to know that a new 'Live' album from the band, culled from their series of 'Farewell' performances is a distinct possibility, and might be happening soon! Sab's Guitarist TONY IOMMI has been tasked with poring over all of the concert performances from "The End" Tour, and if it does come to fruition, it will be the second 'Live' release from Sabbath in just a few years. Back in 2013, the band released "Live...Gathered In Their Masses," which chronicled Black Sabbath's tour in support of their then new album, "13", and it featured both a live album and DVD... In a recent interview with NBC, IOMMI has again mentioned that it's not necessarily the last that the fans will hear from Black Sabbath, as he once more made the assertion that he's “still involved in the Sabbath thing," and there is still the possibility of more music in the future. And the 'Live" album may not be the only forthcoming treat as Tony Iommi went on to say, "We’ll actually be doing a documentary. “My job at the moment is to have a listen to what we’ve done.”  Rock On!