New GARY MOORE Collection Coming In November!

'Blues & Beyond' features studio and 'Live' recordings...

October 9, 2017

Larisa Chernisheva Dreamstime

A new box set featuring the considerable Blues guitar talents of the late, Irish guitarist, GARY MOORE, will be released November 24th, and is sure to make Moore's fans 'thankful.' ;D  Although Gary Moore is well known as guitarist for THIN LIZZY (1970's), the latter part of his life and career garnered him much praise and success when his focus turned exclusively playing Blues. From the press release for the new box set, it's described as a “remarkable collection of his powerful and emotive blues studio recordings” and a fitting tribute to the Irish guitarist, who died in 2011. The 'Blues And Beyond' box set will offer a total of 4 CDs: 2 discs featuring studio performances, and 2 discs that feature (remastered) 'live' recordings. The collection will also be available on 4 vinyl albums, and all versions of the box set will include the Moore biography, 'I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow.'          The complete track listing is below, and the 'Blues & Beyond' Box Set can be pre-ordered HERE.  Rock On!

Gary Moore, ‘Blues and Beyond’ Track Listing
1. “Enough Of The Blues”
2. “Tell Me Woman”
3. “Stormy Monday”
4. “That’s Why I Play The Blues”
5. “Power Of The Blues”
6. “Ball And Chain”
7. “Looking Back”
8. “Surrender”
9. “Cold Black Night”
10. “There’s A Hole”
11. “Getaway Blues”
12. “We Want Love”
13. “Memory Pain”
14. “The Prophet”

1. “You Upset Me Baby”
2. “Bring My Baby Back”
3. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
4. “World Of Confusion”
5. “Picture Of The Moon”
6. “Can’t Find My Baby”
7. “Drowning In Tears”
8. “Evil”
9. “My Baby (She’s So Good To Me)”
10. “Ain’t Got You”
11. “Just Can’t Let You Go”
12. “How Many Lies”
13. “Torn Inside”
14. “Parisienne Walkways” (Live)

CD3 (box set only)
Blues And Beyond Live: (previously unreleased)
1. “Walking By Myself”
2. “Oh Pretty Woman”
3. “Need Your Love So Bad”
4. “Since I Met You Baby”
5. “Surrender”
6. “Cold Black Night”
7. “All Your Love”
8. “Still Got The Blues”

CD4 (box set only)
Blues and Beyond Live: (previously unreleased)
1. “Too Tired”
2. “The Sky Is Crying”
3. “Further On Up The Road”
4. “Fire”
5. “The Blues Is Alright”
6. “Enough Of The Blues” (Alternative)
7. “The Prophet”