New Documentary Film To Spotlight Canadian Rockers TRIUMPH

Banger Films has previously worked w/ Rush, Iron Maiden, & T-Hip

November 6, 2018

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Canadian Rock legends TRIUMPH will be featured in a new, feature length documentary produced by Banger Films, a movie company that has previously produced documentaries about Rush ('Beyond The Lighted Stage'), Iron Maiden ('Flight 666'), and Alice Cooper ('Super Duper Alice Cooper'). The individual members of Triumph-Rik Emmett (guitar/vocals), Mike Levine (bass/keyboards), & Gil Moore (drums/vocals)-last played together in 2008, some 20 years after Rik Emmett left the band. The 2 live appearances with the reunited trio that year took place at Rocklahoma (in the U.S.) and The Sweden Rock Festival, with the performance at the latter made available as a DVD in 2012. In a recent podcast of 'Ouch, You're On My Hair,' Gil Moore revealed that they are at "the beginning stages of a documentary movie on the band…,"  that will cover a wide variety of topics including their appearance at the 1982 US Festival, and other lesser known issues such as their strained relations with their record company. Naturally, forefront on the minds of Triumph fans is the question of a possible reunion of the legendary, hard rockin' trio...and it seems that none of the 3 members are necessarily against the idea. All 3 remain on good terms with each other, and Gil Moore and Mike Levine guested on Rik Emmett's 2016 album, 'Res9' (with his band Resolution9). However, a lot happens and changes in 20 years, and for his part, Gil Moore is very happy with where he is in life. He owns Metalworks, the largest recording studio in Canada, and it has grown into a much larger obligation than it had been for him in it's early years, but he loves what he's doing. However, Moore mentions a few times in the podcast that he will not rule out any possible future collaborations with Emmett and Levine. More food for thought: Moore also revealed that Triumph were approached by a very large concert promoter on the subject of a show in Toronto, and offered that any kind of Triumph show would most likely have to be a charity affair, but he again stresses that any talk of anything Triumph-related is all 'wait and see." Rock ON, Triumph! (maybe) Read more w/ Gil Moore HERE.