NEIL YOUNG's On-Line Archive Is Now Active!

Casual or devoted fans will find a treasure trove of music!

December 4, 2017

© Carrienelson1 Dreamstime

As first reported back in early August (, NEIL YOUNG has activated his on-line archive of virtually all of the music he has recorded over the past 5 decades! In addition to all of the music that the Rock & Roll legend has recorded and released are a handful of albums that Neil recorded but never released...the first of which was released recently... The (solo acoustic) "Hitchhiker" album, which Neil Young recorded back in 1976, was made available after more than 30 years on the shelf, and there are at least a dozen more unreleased albums from 1969-2001 that will soon be available to hear on the site. Fans of Young might also notice that recordings including Neil in CSNY and Buffalo Springfield are not currently part of the archive, but might very well be after a while, the reason cited by Mr. Young as, "it is not yet complete as we are still adding a lot of detail to the older recordings.” In the intro to the site, NEIL YOUNG states,  “We developed [the archive] to provide fans and historians with unprecedented access to all of my music and my entire archive in one convenient location. This archive is designed to be a living document, constantly evolving and including every new recording as it is made."  Also included in the archive are photos, videos, song credits and more, which are all arranged in a 'cabinet' that allows fans to sort thru Neil Young's entire catalog chronologically or via a timeline. If you're interested in checking out the site, you might want to do it sooner than later, as the site is currently 'free,' but is expected to eventually become a (paid) subscription-based site. Visit the Neil Young Archive HERE.  Thanks Neil Young...and Rock On!