NEIL YOUNG's 'Decade' Album Re-Released!

3-LP Career "Retrospective" from 1977 has long been out of print....

June 23, 2017


After being out-of-print for many years, NEIL YOUNG’s triple-album retrospective, ‘Decade’ is about to make a return! The set, originally released (on vinyl) in 1977, is generally considered by many fans of Neil Young as the ‘Definitive’ collection of his recordings that date from the beginning of his Hall of Fame career up to 1976.  Neil’s creative output from his tenure in Buffalo Springfield, Crazy Horse, and his Solo career is all represented on the collection. (see track listing below) When it was first released, the ‘Decade’ album provided a few ‘alternate’ takes of songs, as well as a few unreleased numbers and live tracks, a formula that would later be widely adopted with the now ever-present Box Sets and ‘Deluxe’ repackages/re-releases. A few years after its release, with the advent of CD’s, the (vinyl) version of the collection was no longer produced. The triple album did make a limited-edition return appearance for this year’s ‘Record Store Day,’ and now, it’s just been announced that a new, remastered version of ‘Decade’ is available once again, and available in 3 formats: a 3-albums, 2-CDs, and Digital Download.  Rock On!

Neil Young, ‘Decade’ Track Listing
1. Down to the Wire
2. Burned
3. Mr. Soul
4. Broken Arrow
5. Expecting to Fly
6. Sugar Mountain
7. I Am a Child
8. The Loner
9. The Old Laughing Lady
10. Cinnamon Girl
11. Down By the River
12. Cowgirl In the Sand
13. I Believe In You
14. After the Gold Rush
15. Southern Man
16. Helpless

1. Ohio
2. Soldier
3. Old Man
4. A Man Needs a Maid
5. Harvest
6. Heart of Gold
7. Star of Bethlehem
8. The Needle and the Damage Done
9. Tonight’s the Night (Part 1)
10. Tired Eyes
11. Walk On
12. For the Turnstiles
13. Winterlong
14. Deep Forbidden Lake
15. Like a Hurricane
16. Love Is a Rose
17. Cortez the Killer
18. Campaigner
19. Long May You Run