More Vintage Thunder

(But will it be the LAST?)

September 14, 2016

Andrii Matat |

The upcoming release of LED ZEPPELIN's "Complete BBC Sessions" Reissue could very well be the last, in what has been an incredibly ambitious, awe-inspiring, rewarding (for Zep Fans!) series of remastered, expanded versions of Led Zeppelin's complete studio output. (Including the concert soundtrack, "The Song Remains The Same," also w/ bonus tracks).

As is the case with all of the Led Zeppelin Remasters, Jimmy Page is the Man In Charge, and the care, the knowledge, and the effort put into the series is truly astounding. IMO. The 2003 'live' set, "How The West Was Won," capturing Led Zep's conquering of the West Coast from the '72 Tour stands as the only "Official" live release. I HAVE to believe that there are more great Zep shows in those vaults, and given the quality and frequency of the last bunch of Remaster releases, including "Complete BBC Sessions," this Zep Fan is eagerly hoping that there is more to come!

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