MORE FOREIGNER Shows? LOU GRAMM: "We're gonna do some more, I think."

November 10, 2017

Simone Re | Dreamstime

It only happened a couple of times this past Summer, and 'It' may happen again THIS Summer! What is 'It?' More FOREIGNER concerts that will feature not only the latest incarnation of the band, but will also feature performances with former members of the band, including of course, Rochester's LOU GRAMM! The 2-night event from this past summer in Long Island was recorded for possible release at some point, and reflecting on those shows, Lou Gramm remarked, "It was great to get back onstage with the original Foreigner. "We played about six or seven songs; it was a lot of fun." But...will the fun continue?  In a recent phone interview with Rock Band Reviews, the singer said that he believes that more shows could be added and "we're gonna do some more, I think." Looking at Lou's performance schedule (with his own band) over the past few years, it seems that a few dates here and there with Foreigner might be the way it might go, with Lou saying, "I've been doing weekends for the last few years. That's kind of nice. You leave Thursday, you play Friday, Saturday, you come home Sunday. So I think we're gonna be doing more of those, and then there's gonna be the Foreigner shows." Lou's last comment on the possibilities ahead: "Everything is kind of poised for a fun an interesting summer...Let's see what happens." Rock On Lou!