Mike & The Mechanics To Release NEW Album In April!

LP will be the 1st in 5 years from MIKE RUTHERFORD's 'Other Band'

February 11, 2017

Dharshani Gk Arts Dreamstime.com

Before MIKE RUTHERFORD of GENESIS gets real busy with that 2017 Reunion with his mates, PHIL COLLINS & TONY BANKS, he'll be readying the release of a new MIKE & THE MECHANICS album, the first in 5 years from his "other" group, and that band's 8th album overall. The album, "Let Me Fly" is scheduled for release on April 7th, with the first taste of the new music coming on February 28th. Since word of a GENESIS Reunion for 2017 was made public, it's not clear if there will be any (immediate) tour plans to support the new recording... Rock On!

Here's MORE info about the NEW album from Mike & The Mechanics: