Metallica's JAMES HETFIELD Reflects On The Death of Chris Cornell

"Check in with each other. Let each other know how you’re doing.”

May 24, 2017

Connie Larsen |

In the aftermath of the tragic loss of SOUNDGARDEN singer CHRIS CORNELL, reactions and tributes have been widespread and heartfelt. Fans continue to mourn Cornell's death, and the resounding impact of his sudden passing is sure to linger for a while. METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD was 'reflective' in a recent interview at a Worcester, Mass. radio station, remarking "It makes you realize that, you know, there is a darkness that anyone and everyone can find and feel that they’re trapped in. And when you’re there — and at least I know the depth of my darkness at times — it is difficult when you’re in that space to even fathom that there’s someone there that can help you or has been through that before. Sometimes you’re at such a loss. I … obviously can’t explain what he was going through, but we all have our darknesses. And check in with each other — check in with each other. Let each other know how you’re doing.”  Chris Cornell's funeral service will be held in Los Angeles on May 26th.