LOU GRAMM Readies Newly Completed Songs For Release Later This Year

Formerly 'unfinished' solo songs will be released 3 at a time...

July 18, 2019

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Rochester's own 'Jukebox Hero,' LOU GRAMM is making good on his previously announced intention to finish up and release songs from his solo career. In a recent interview (which you can view below), Lou tells of how he went back to the master tapes of his solo albums, 'Ready Or Not' and 'Long Hard Look,' to retrieve songs that were left off the original albums...Gramm says, "My solo albums always had 10 songs, but we always recorded 12 or 13. And the ones that didn't make the album weren't necessarily the weakest songs — a lot of 'em were very strong ideas, but they weren't quite finished." Lou has now finished them, and plans to release them, three at a time (for downloading), with the first 3 songs scheduled for later this year. The idea to revisit and release these songs came from his son Matthew, who encouraged the legendary singer to "listen to those, polish 'em up, finish 'em, and put them out to be downloaded."  Of the newly completed songs, Lou says, "I'm so excited to release them, because, to me, they sound great. "I hope it's something that doesn't go unnoticed," he said. "I think there's some really interesting and good songs that they'll probably go, 'Why didn't he put that on his album?' Because it wasn't done."  Rock ON Lou Gramm!