JUDAS PRIEST Ready 30th Anniversary Edition of 'Turbo'

Metal Rocker's 10th studio album to get 'Deluxe' treatment...

December 29, 2016

Serban Enache | Dreamstime.com

Fans of Judas Priest will wanna make a note of the date of February 3rd...that's the release date for the 30th Anniversary re-issue of Priest's 'Turbo' album! The 1980's were a fantastic decade for Heavy Metal, and Judas Priest were just one of the many hard-rockin' outfits that reigned supreme! The 'Turbo' LP will receive the 'Deluxe' treatment: Remastered sound, updated graphics, LOTS of 'bonus material,' and NOT one but TWO discs of previously unreleased 'Live' recordings! The live selections were taken from a Priest performance in Kansas City during their 'Fuel For Life' Tour. The new, deluxe set will be available as a digital download, a 3-CD package, and on vinyl too!

MORE about the JUDAS PRIEST 'Turbo' Anniversary Re-issue: