Journey's NEAL SCHON Addresses 'Tensions' Between Band Members.

Founding Guitarist sets the record straight in advance of big Summer tour w/ Def Lep.

January 22, 2018

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The recent announcement of the B-I-G Summer Tour of Rock giants JOURNEY and DEF LEPPARD may have overshadowed the recent 'war of words' between Journey guitarist  NEAL SCHON, and the other fellas in the band (Jonathan Cain, Arnel Pineda, & Ross Valory). In a recent radio interview, Schon, the founding member of Journey, is assuring fans that the "difference of opinions" between the members is just that, and regardless of what has transpired, the band will continue on. Briefly, band members Pineda, Cain, & Valory were photographed with President Trump last summer at a visit that was set up by Jonathan Cain's girlfriend (who is Trump's 'Spiritual Advisor') and that didn't sit well with Mr. Schon. He took his frustrations to social media, and he referred to an agreement forged years ago that more or less said that (Band members) "always agreed never to mix with politics or religion, and so we all stuck to it."  And while Schon was quick to point out that the back-and-forth comments on Twitter "wasn't really a feud; I was stating an opinion and where we have come from before and the way we've conducted ourselves as a band," Schon explained. "And that's the honest-to-God truth."  During the difficult and umcomfortable few months of the disagreement, Schon found that he had the support and backing of virtually all of Journey's fan base, and according to Schon, "they understood where I was coming from and that it was not just some little feud. It was something a bit more major than that."  Asked in the interview how he and the other members moved past the issue, Schon (jokingly) said, "Well, we just don't talk. We're gonna let the music do the talking, like that old song."  Neal Schon summed it up in the interview by saying, "I'm here because of the fans, I'm here to play every year for the fans and for the great music that we've written, and the rest of it is just… People move in different places, and I can't help that. And so it is what it is. And I'll be there on stage kicking some serious butt."  So it seems that it's water under the bridge.' The Def Leppard/Journey Tour starts in late May, and the bands will play 58 (North American) dates together. Rock On!

LISTEN to the NEAL SCHON Interview below... (Thanks to Q103, Albany!)