John Perry Barlow, Grateful Dead Lyricist & Political Activist Dies at 70.

With BOB WEIR, He co-wrote some of The Dead's most iconic songs...

February 8, 2018

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John Perry Barlow, the long-time songwriting collaborator with the GRATEFUL DEAD's Bob Weir, and a political activist in the last 3 decades has died at age 70. The announcement was first made by film director, Amir Bar Lev, who was the man behind the cameras for the recent Grateful Dead movie, 'Long Strange Trip,' and he reported that Barlow died in his sleep on February 7th. Mr Barlow had been dealing with numerous health issues over the years, and incurred very heavy medical bills which necessitated a few fund raising benefits to be held on his behalf. With Bob Weir, his friend since their early teens, Mr. Barlow co-wrote the Grateful Dead songs “Cassidy,” “Throwing Stones,” “Hell In A Bucket,” “Lost Sailor,” “Saint Of Circumstance,” “Black-Throated Wind,” “The Music Never Stopped,” “Lazy Lightning/Supplication,” “Looks Like Rain” and “Mexicali Blues," and many others. R.I.P John Perry Barlow.

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