JEFFERSON AIRPLANE's 'Volunteers' Album Turns 50!

It's 'message' in 1969 just as relevant (if not more so) in 2K19

November 13, 2019

RCA Records/ Getty Images


'Volunteers,' the 5th studio album from San Francisco's JEFFERSON AIRPLANE was released 50 years ago, and it's then-controversial anti-war sentiment and pro-environmental stance are still rallying cries in 2019. 'Volunteers' was the first Airplane album to be recorded in San Francisco, and featured contributions from a cast of talented and well-known friends that included Jerry Garcia, David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Nicky Hopkins. (the song 'Wooden Ships' was famously written by David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and The Airplane's Paul Kantner while sailing on Crosby's boat) Original Airplane members (& Hot Tuna principals,) Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady recently reflected on the anniversary of 'Volunteers' on a number of social media platforms, including a Facebook post that offered up the following: Jefferson Airplane released Volunteers in 1969, singing about revolution, climate change, and the power of the youth. In 2019 it’s more relevant than ever. “We could go back and relive that time but somewhere in us…in our core…we find that the idea we were courting at that time is just as relevant if not more today.
This is what we believed then, and we believe it today. Perhaps this should have been part of the notes on that jacket fifty years ago…
Volunteer to make your voice heard this year and every year.
Volunteer to try to make your world a little better place each day as best you can.
Volunteer to get out and vote no matter how inconvenient it might seem.
Volunteer to tell the truth regardless of whether your opinion is in fashion.
Volunteer to always be true to your soul.”

Right On, And Rock On. And Vote!