Jackson Browne's Newly Remastered 'Running On Empty' Being Re-Released

'Unconventional & Innovative' recording became Browne's best selling LP

June 11, 2019

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

JACKSON BROWNE's best-selling 1977 'Live' album, 'Running On Empty' will be re-released in July sporting updated, remastered sound. An album created "about the road, on the road," it sold over 7 million copies and made it to #3 on the Billboard chart. The album also spawned 2 successful singles: the title track and 'The Load-Out>Stay,' both of which landed in the Top 20. 'Running On Empty's' 10 selections were recorded over a one month period between mid-August to mid-September in 1977 in a variety of decidedly unconventional recording environments that included hotel and dressing rooms and tour buses that accompanied the band's on-stage performances. And Browne's band! Guitarist Danny Kortchmar; David Lindley on fiddle and lap steel guitar; keyboardist Craig Doerge; bassist Leland Sklar; drummer Russ Kunkel; and background vocalists Doug Haywood and Rosemary Butler. The remastered 'Running On Empty' will be out July 5th, available on CD and 180-gram vinyl.